Reef Cap was established in the year 2000 and specializes in the production of reliable metal twist-off caps for glass containers and various bottles. The company serves the Saudi Arabia territory as well as many countries around the world. Reef Cap has now grown into the market leader in Saudi and services customers around the world including Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Algeria as well as the Gulf and Arab countries.
Reef cap has been focused on providing its customers in the Saudi and worldwide, with world-class products and technical support since the early days.
Due to the increasing demands of the global packaging industry, Al Reef chose to invest and integrate a large industrial manufacturing facility now known as Reef Cap. The company started with full production in May 2000 with the primary goal of exceeding the standards and expectations of the food and beverage packaging industry both domestically and internationally, in full force.
We pride ourselves on our customer service and building long term partnerships with our customers locally and globally, therefore we still service customers that have been with us from the start in since 2000, with Quality well-manufactured steel caps.
Trying to ensure that only the best customer service is always available for our new clients. We work with our clients as partners and advisors to develop the best closure for their products and to ensure the highest level of service.

Our mission

At Reef Cap our mission has always been to grow a sustainable company that is both flexible and bold enough to meet all that is required by our customers now and in the future.

Our Vision

The vision of Reef Cap is to take what we have learned along our long journey and turn it into knowledge that can create a better future for one and all.